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Wine Time With Our Grandsons


Several years ago our family received a wonderful Christmas package from Marylyn Presutti, a friend of Bryan’s. The contents of the package were simple:

  • a bottle of wine
  • a clock
  • a note that said “Wine Time”

After we opened the gift, Marylyn explained what Wine Time meant to her Grandma. She said her Grandma always wanted some special time with her family or guests, so she would say, “It’s Wine Time.” Then she would have everyone sit down, enjoy some wine and, most of all, enjoy time with each other. We love Marylyn’s family tradition so we started our own Wine Time.

Once it gets dark outside, we fill up some wine glasses with a beverage, turn off all of the lights, enjoy some background music, light a candle and sit in our candlelit living room gathered around our coffee table together as a family. Then we ask each person the question, “What was the best part of your day?” Individually, we each describe the best part of our day.

Because of Marylyn’s great family tradition, a new tradition for our family has emerged and we love it. During Wine Time our sweet grandsons, Cole and Peyton, come up with some beautiful comments and funny things to say. It is also a great time to dream and tell stories.


In July, Cole (age 10) and Peyton (age 9) will be traveling from Texas to spend the month with us in Michigan. Thankfully, we will be sharing a lot of Wine Time together. They’ll have soda.

Make A Wish, Dream Like Crazy


Make a wish, tell Kurt Boerman about your wish and your wish will come true.

Three weeks ago, shortly after my ALS diagnosis, Kurt called and asked what he could do for Mark and I. I thought for a minute and said, “I would love to spend some time with a few of my Reeths-Puffer classmates.” Kurt said, “I will call a few people and let you know the date.” A few days later Kurt called and asked me how many people our condo would hold and I said “The more the merrier.”

My dream was becoming a reality, a great party was in the planning stages.


Kurt called another classmate, Jill Boeve Wiggins, to tell her about my party and right away, without hesitation, Jill insisted on making all of the food for the party. Both Kurt and Jill offered to bring all of the food and drinks to the party so Mark and I didn’t have to worry about anything and we could relax and enjoy our guests.

How did we deserve these wonderful friends? Kurt and Jill have always been givers and would do anything for anyone. They both have so much love in their hearts.


Kurt and Jill decided to name this party “The Rosemary Hug Fest”! I’m not quite sure what went on behind the scenes before this party but I know that Kurt, Jill and many others put a lot of time, effort and love into this beautiful party and I will be forever grateful. How do you repay or thank someone with words? My words just don’t seem like enough.

In the group picture above, unfortunately, we are missing a few people that attended the party but left before this picture was taken. Our friends came from as far away as Chicago, Indiana and Detroit on a busy holiday weekend. I was in awe and so happy to see everyone. The group dynamic was perfect and everyone came together like brothers and sisters. I love my classmates.


This memorable night ended with this final picture. I want to thank all of the beautiful people that helped on my party. Thank you Kurt, Jill, Kristi Buris, Kristi Koplen Fagan, Deb Couch, Bruce Olsen, Jill and Gordy Verhulst, Mark, Kelly and Bryan Lambert for your help. Thank you for this beautiful Hug Party.

I love you all so much.


P.S. My sweet friend and classmate Fred Headen made me promise him a dance next summer at our 40th Class Reunion. Fred, I promise.

Love Muskegon


I am so happy we live in such a beautiful city like Muskegon, Michigan. We have the privilege of experiencing beautiful sunrises and sunsets. This picture happens to be of a sunrise taken this morning on Muskegon Lake looking straight at the B.C. Cobb Plant where Mark spent the last 32 years working.

Happy Memorial Day!

Hug Party Tonight


The great hugger in this picture is my brother Mick hugging my brother Jim. Mick was the best hugger I had ever met until my kids started hugging and now they match their Uncle Mick’s hugging skills. Sadly, Mick died at the age of 50 on January 26, 2005 and we all miss his hugs.

A hug is the perfect gift; one size fits all and nobody minds if you exchange it.

Irvin Ball

Reeths-Puffer Friends Hug Party


I am so excited because Kurt Boerman and Jill Boeve Wiggins have planned a Hug Party for this Friday night. Next year will be my 40th class reunion and I may not be able to speak, so we’re getting together a little early.

Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture handy of Kurt and Jill, but I thought it would be fun to post a picture of some other R-P graduates. Doesn’t this picture make you smile? It was taken last summer at my house during a weekend get-together with some beautiful friends. Pictured are Kristine Bolthouse Kluko, myself, Nancy Nolan Moody and Jill Moore Verhulst.