A Journey of Love


After my ALS diagnosis, my friend Nancy Moody wrote me a beautiful note saying, “I feel you and your family are on a journey of love that will have previously been unknown to all of you. There is magic and mystery and joy in nearly everything we experience. Just as you have already begun to feel it, this journey will have that positive side too.”

This new journey is magical. Everyday I feel so much love and kindness all around me. I have talked to, hugged and had intimate conversations with so many friends and family members and it feels magical.

In January after my diagnosis, Dr. Ann Little from the University of Michigan told us not to google Motor Neuron Disease or ALS, so I haven’t. I feel like ALS and I will be close and personal soon, so I think I can wait for the mystery to unfold.

Joy is a perfect word to describe the love I feel. There is nothing greater than “love.” I hope Mark, Chad, Kelly, Corey and Bryan are feeling more love than they ever could have imagined.

I am.

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