Wine Time With Our Grandsons


Several years ago our family received a wonderful Christmas package from Marylyn Presutti, a friend of Bryan’s. The contents of the package were simple:

  • a bottle of wine
  • a clock
  • a note that said “Wine Time”

After we opened the gift, Marylyn explained what Wine Time meant to her Grandma. She said her Grandma always wanted some special time with her family or guests, so she would say, “It’s Wine Time.” Then she would have everyone sit down, enjoy some wine and, most of all, enjoy time with each other. We love Marylyn’s family tradition so we started our own Wine Time.

Once it gets dark outside, we fill up some wine glasses with a beverage, turn off all of the lights, enjoy some background music, light a candle and sit in our candlelit living room gathered around our coffee table together as a family. Then we ask each person the question, “What was the best part of your day?” Individually, we each describe the best part of our day.

Because of Marylyn’s great family tradition, a new tradition for our family has emerged and we love it. During Wine Time our sweet grandsons, Cole and Peyton, come up with some beautiful comments and funny things to say. It is also a great time to dream and tell stories.


In July, Cole (age 10) and Peyton (age 9) will be traveling from Texas to spend the month with us in Michigan. Thankfully, we will be sharing a lot of Wine Time together. They’ll have soda.

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