Hiking With Our Adorable Kids

When our kids were young, one of our favorite family activities was hiking at Snug Harbor and the Block House. We would try to coax other family members to join us on our hike and head out with a backpack full of snacks. Hikes were a perfect way to share quality time with our kids, get some great exercise and a little bit of adventure. Plus, it was free.

We hiked a lot with my brother Mick and his family. One time we were hiking in the early spring and ice was hiding underneath the leaves. We were walking down a hill, Mick was carrying two-year-old Bryan and he slipped on the ice and down the hill with Bryan in his arms. I can still hear Mick laughing as they were sliding down the hill. Neither Mick nor Bryan were hurt and we continued on with our hike with a little more caution.

While hiking at Snug Harbor we would climb up the back of the Sugar Bowl and if you reach the top of this hill you got your first name carved into a tree. Last fall Mark and I went looking for that tree with all of our names carved into it and couldn’t find it. We think it is buried in the sand.

Today we still enjoy hikes with family and friends. In fact, it is one of my favorite things to do.

(Pictured on the tree limb is Mick and Jackie’s kids and pictured on the sand dune is the Sterritt Family.)

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