The Bench


My beautiful friend Marcy Hunter loves the outdoors and knows the trails at Snug Harbor like they’re her own backyard. We have taken many morning hikes in the woods together while she shared her favorite trails, hiding places, trees, plants and animals with me. Two of my favorite places are the Eagle’s Nest and The Bench.

Ever since my first trip to The Bench with Marcy, I have taken so many family members and friends to see its beauty. The Bench is located on the top of a dune, but it’s great because there’s an easy walking trail through the woods to the top. At the edge of the dune is a nice bench that faces Lake Michigan.

To commemorate our trips to The Bench, we set the camera timer, prop it up on The Bench and everybody crouches down for a photo with Lake Michigan in the background.

One day I thought it would be fun to invite some friends to hike to The Bench with Mark and I and a bottle of wine. We mentioned the idea to some of our fellow hikers and wine drinkers, John and Marty Gerencer and they were game to go with us.


The second time I ventured to The Bench with a bottle of wine was during a visit from some of my high school friends. My friends, Nancy Moody, Jill Verhulst and Kristine Klukos were in town for an overnight slumber party at my house. I surprised them with a walk to The Bench and we shared some great wine and great conversation on a beautiful fall day in the woods.


The third visit to the bench with wine was with nine fun friends, but this time we brought four bottles of wine and drank them all. It was getting dark when we finally left The Bench but we all made it safely down the steep dune before dark. This time our group consisted of Dave and Jan Harris, Dan and Kelly Harris, John and Marty Gerencer, Colleen Paquin, and Mark and I.


I love walks in the woods with my family and friends (with or without wine). I only hope we can come up with a device to allow me to continue our hikes through the trails after I am unable to walk. Mark said he would find a way even if he had to carry me.

4 thoughts on “The Bench

  1. Rosemary, I just found your blog. I am speechless and I will write more later…but know, you have always been one of the best people I know. I was an underclassman, but YOU were so kind to me. A younger Cheerleader and you made me feel a part.

    I have no trouble saying, I love you Rosemary Beckman Lambert. You are an inspiration but that didn't just start with your diagnosis. You have been defined that way as long as I have known you. Others have always watched you and loved who you are. I was just one of them. God bless you and your incredible family. They truly reflect YOU and Him! Love. Suzie Woodward (Bedgood)

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