Mark and I In The Beginning (Part IV)


A few days after Mark and I got married we loaded up our newly purchased, used, full size van with wedding gifts and a few pieces of borrowed furniture and prepared to drive back home to Baltimore. After a tearful goodbye to our families, we took off early in the morning and planned on driving the full 12 hours to Baltimore in one day.

After a long day of driving it started to get dark and Mark, who had driven the whole way, started to get sleepy and asked me to drive. I said I would and got behind the wheel and started to drive while Mark slept. I drove for a while and started feeling sleepy myself to the point that I could no longer keep my eyes open so I stopped on the side of the road. A little while after I stopped, Mark woke up and I told him I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer so he agreed to drive again. He got in the driver’s seats and pulled out onto the highway and looked at the odometer to see that I had only driven 12 miles.

I swear it felt like 100.

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