Making Things Easier


Last week during my appointment at the University of Michigan I met with an Occupational Therapist and she gave me some great tools to make my daily life easier because my hands and fingers aren’t as coordinated as they used to be.

She gave me elastic shoelaces, a button and zipper aid, a rubber handle to use with a fork and a spoon to make eating easier and a PenAgain to help make writing easier.

I am grateful for the useful tools the Occupational Therapist gifted me but my beautiful sister-in-laws came up with their own innovative tools they thought would be helpful and I like theirs much more.

Mark's sisters 13x9

Patti gave me a wine backpack so that I’m never far from having Wine Time while hiking in the woods.


Vicki, who lives in Florida, sent me a pretend-stemmed wine glass with a note enclosed in the package that said, “With a lid on this cup you can tip your wine glass all you want. Keep laughing.” because when she was visiting this summer I was having  a little trouble holding a stemmed wine glass while laughing.


Deb made me a quilt from material she received from her mother Doddie who is no longer with us. Both Deb and Doddie are gifted seamstresses and Deb knows that her mom meant the world to me.


With the help of Patti, Vicki and Deb’s gifts I am able to hike to the bench with a bottle of wine in my backpack, use my fake-stemmed wine glass to drink it and use a warm quilt to either wrap up in or spread out as a picnic blanket.

mom & rosemary2

Thank you girls for the useful and amazing gifts.

4 thoughts on “Making Things Easier

  1. I agree with Rosmary: your gifts are so much more practical and useful for the things Rosemary enjoys the most. Heck with using a fork and spoon when you can just sip from a pretend wine glass. You girls did a great job of making Rosemary smile . JVerHulst

    1. Rosemary, you deserve so much more. Your humility is so incredible! Doddie/Mom loved you so much, I hope you feel her love wrapped around you.
      Love you lots!

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