Wedding Vows

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I have realized lately, moreso now than ever, just how powerful wedding vows are.

Recently my doctors suggested that I conserve energy for the things that matter most to me, so Mark has been doing everything around the house, including helping me get dressed and towel-drying my hair. When I get frustrated that I can’t do these things for myself anymore, he looks at me with those adoring brown eyes and says, “Rosemary, it’s my honor to help you.” And I know he truly feels honored and I feel thankful for him and I think about those words we said to each other almost 35 years ago—in sickness and in health.

Last week we were getting ready to attend my uncle’s funeral and I decided I wanted to wear a dress and high heels. The heels didn’t feel right without nylons so I asked Mark if he could help me put some on. We started slowly at my feet and made our way up to my knees and Mark said, “There is no way these could ever fit you.” and we laughed so hard and I almost gave up on the idea of wearing nylons at all, but we kept wiggling our way upward and eventually we did it and there were no snags or holes and luckily I didn’t have to use the bathroom during the funeral.

I don’t know if my future includes high heels or nylons anymore, but I could wear them that day with Mark’s help and that’s what matters.

15 thoughts on “Wedding Vows

  1. Everyone should read this story. We need more love like yours in our world. You and Mark are an inspiration.

  2. So funny. I can just picture Mark trying to get nylon hose on you. It’s hard enough for those of us who have a lifetime of practice!
    Sweet story. And yes, those vows are quite powerful, aren’t they?

  3. That is really true love. You both look the same as the day you were married. I think of you often and yes, you are an inspiration to us all. Take Care!
    Kevin & Sue Lloyd

  4. Rosemary, your insight is so stunningly beautiful as are you…..You’re one courageous, GRACEFUL, and faithful human being…….I love reading your blogs…..You have a wonderful attitude even while going through the life altering changes that you’re experiencing. And the humor that you do with is what makes it so much more poignant…..I pray for you everyday…….Hugs to a most remarkable woman……that I am lucky enough to know…….

  5. I can just imagine you two struggling with panty hose! So glad you have each other! True LOVE for sure! Love ya both!!

  6. Rosemary, your stories bring tears to my eyes, full of joy and sorrow! You are a godsend to Mark and your whole family. God bless!!! We love you!
    Tom & Jodi

  7. I love reading your blog, Rosemary, but have to stop sometimes because it becomes too overwhelming for me. You and Mark have the perfect love story….Yes, for better or for worse. You put into perspective what truly matters. Love you guys!

  8. Words never spoken more truer. I am afraid at the point of struggling with the nylons I would have been laughing so hard I would have wet my pants and would have had to start all over. You are both champs!!! Love Ya.

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