My Speech


My speech has started to decline more noticeably in recent weeks and although people are being so kind and patient with me when I speak with them, I had been feeling more and more self-conscious about it, and then yesterday I received this beautiful e-mail from a friend of mine.


The thought of your speech maybe being difficult one day is so hard, but I just want to say something. I know you on a very surface level, my loss :). Our paths seem to cross at the random graduation parties, Salisz Palooza, our amazing Mackinac trip, but you have always been so warm and so kind, like you have known me all your life! I know our voices are important, but with you , when I see you smile at me as I approach you, I feel like the beauty of your smile and the warmth of your eyes have already said, ” Hi, how are you? How are your kids? Isn’t this fun being here with everyone. It’s so nice to see you! ” And you haven’t even opened your mouth to say a single word! My point , you will speak volumes with your smile and the love in your eyes! Words are not always needed.

Sally Pallas

I don’t know why I worry so much about speaking. I think that even though I know I’ll be able to communicate okay even if I can’t say words, it’s just a huge adjustment for me. But this letter helps.


I truly appreciate your comforting words. Today I feel like I can do this.



2 thoughts on “My Speech

  1. I work with Sally and she also helped me a lot when my mom passed away. Sometimes just a little smile says it all.

  2. An Iraq Marine Veteran (and Hero) in our Legion whose spine was shattered by a snipers bullet while in Fallujah, January 2008, has no use of his limbs, (quadraphalegic) and cannot speak. Josh was a high school champion wrestler, athletic at 225lbs, and recently engaged when he deployed to Iraq. When I first met Josh at the Legion after marching in the Memorial Day Parade to honor our Veterans, his eyes spoke volumes. Me never being at a loss for words, carried on a conversation with Josh. I never realized he couldn’t speak, because I thought he was as much a part of the conversation just by his smile and eyes. I had the honor of another conversation with Josh on the 4th of July picnic and fireworks and we talked about both of us being U of M fans, and fast cars!

    Words are only one form of speech/communication.

    You will always communicate Rosemary.

    Love Always,

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