The Chariot


Mark and I have always been blessed with many amazing friends, but I continue to be awed by the outpouring of kindness, love and support that’s been flowing our way lately.

Our friends Chip and Colleen Vander Wier read my story about The Bench and offered to build me a cart so I can continue to visit The Bench at the top of the dunes in Snug Harbor State Park when I can’t walk anymore. They decided to call the cart “The Chariot.”

On my birthday in July, Colleen sent me a message that contained a quote from a theologian named Richard Rohr:

“Faith is not for overcoming obstacles; it is for experiencing them.”

It appears to me that you are living your faith as you overcome new everyday obstacles with grace and dignity from a place of overflowing love! Thanks for being YOU and sharing YOU with all of us!

If it wasn’t for all of the love and support for me and my family, I’m sure we wouldn’t be overcoming obstacles, especially with grace.


8 thoughts on “The Chariot

  1. Oh how wonderful! I wanted to ask you the other day when I visited if there was anyway to get you up there and I forgot. What a beautiful, generous, and thoughtful gift. I taught with Chip’s mother at Reeths-puffer and learned so much from her. He obviously has learned the art of love and giving also. I’m so happy for you. Thanks be to God for the blessings of angels on Earth. Jill

  2. So happy Chip and Colleen are able to make this chariot for you. We know how much those trails and the journey mean to you. Hope we can be there to assist with the maiden voyage when that time comes.

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