Our Stories


Everyone is so unbelievably nice and are always offering to help us. Although we have absolutely everything we could possible need or want, I do have one special request: Please continue to share your stories with our family because we love them.

Every day I’m privileged to hear from people who can relate to one of my stories. I’m beginning to think that my stories are your stories, I just happen to be telling them. It makes me so happy that I may be making a difference to someone, even if it’s small.


Our friends Kurt and Laurie Boerman were curious to find some of the landmarks I’ve written about, so they started hiking the trails we love. They started hiking after work and on weekends because of the beauty and peacefulness that surrounds us in Muskegon. They decided to share the fun with their granddaughter, Jenna. Laurie made up a scavenger hunt to entice Jenna to join them on a hike and it worked. Now Jenna loves to adventure with her fun grandparents.


We joined Kurt and Laurie on one of their hikes and learned they were never hikers before. Now I think all three are hooked. They sometimes walk up to six miles a day and take pictures along the way to share with Mark and I. It makes us feel like we are hiking with them.


Stories like this really make me smile. Please continue sharing them.

6 thoughts on “Our Stories

  1. How cool is that!! I think I will do some exploring around here this weekend! Would prefer Muskegon, but it will have to be another time!

  2. Thanks Rosemary Your inspiration for hikes
    has us hooked. Jenna loves to take nature hikes now, as you can see you never know what you may find.

  3. Rosemary, I have already used some of your stories in a sermon I did recently. You are reaching people with your stories who do not even own a computer. My mom being one of them. I print your stories off and give her copies. You are continually in our prayers and I am praying for a miracle, but I kind of feel that you are the miracle! Love you!

  4. I like what Sandi said – I was thinking the same thing, but not as eloquently. Rosemary, are you hiking the same trail we hiked in 5th grade when we hiked to the Blockhouse with Mr. Walcott?

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