God Moments, Miracles and Coincidences


Lately I’ve been experiencing what I consider to be God moments or miracles or coincidences every single day, sometimes even more than once a day. And then I think that maybe these moments or miracles or whatever you want to call them have been happening to me my whole life and it’s just that now I’m finally slowing down enough to notice them.

Regardless, it’s pretty darn cool.

14 thoughts on “God Moments, Miracles and Coincidences

  1. Rosemary for me you are a gift….reading your blogs inspire me to be a better person. Seriously when I say this I mean it from the bottom of my heart. I’ve always thought that you were special because of your grace, kindness and compassion towards others. You always have this way about you of making everyone around you feel absolutely wonderful. You’re such a gifted writer too, I look forward to reading your messages daily. Thank you for doing this blog and sharing your thoughts with us. Hugs, love and prayers girlie!!!!

  2. Rosemary,
    With as much energy that you have flowing towards you by all your friends, I can’t believe that you aren’t experiencing something amazing. I stand back awestruck by what I see going on.

  3. Rosemary- First off thank-you for your post! You have and continue to show us all how we do need to slow down, listen, and thank God for our blessings! I just recently had someone tell me “God gives us a new beginning every morning”. So true!! You are an amazing person.

  4. When I think of you Rosemary I think of miracles. Thank you for the gentle reminder that God is always near. And we just have to take the time to listen. God’s Blessings and Love to You and Yours

  5. wow, did I ever need this reminder, the “take time to smell the roses” I know is true, yet I fly through my day from one “have to” to the next. I love nature a walk out at Snug Harbor always quiets my mind, but lately I haven’t been getting there. Little miracles are everywhere, and YOU are one of them!

  6. Beautiful…Thank you Rosemary for the reminder that we all should slow down and listen and experience more “God Moments”.. Quiet that brain and just listen and feel… Love you and your insight…

  7. Rosemary you have been and still continue to be an encouraging and amazing person. It is are an honor to be your friend

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