Beautiful Pieces of Art


My family has received so many beautiful gifts recently and I hope everyone knows how much they mean to us. The gifts I am about to show you are beautiful pieces of artwork made with love, imagination and a lot of precious time.

Carla Zahl Jolman and I have been friends for a very long time. She attended my only birthday party as a child when we were about six years old. Carla has been making quilts for a long time and decided to make one of her priceless gifts for me.IMG_1634

The quilt in the photo above took her three months to make. I cried after I found out how much time she spent making it. I asked her why she did this for me and she said she just wanted to do something with love that could comfort me and my family during my illness and she didn’t know what else to do.

Carla’s quilt is called “Checkerboard Plaids” from “40 Fabulous Quick Cut Quilts” by Evelyn Sloppy. In the book her original is larger, made with plaids instead of the florals and doesn’t have the inner border. This quilt is made from prints from the Dear Jane II fabric line by Brenda Papdakis and quilted with the Gay’s Croqus Basket pattern from Sentimental Stitches.

Carla added a little surprise for us on each edge of the border. She stitched Chad, Kelly, Corey and Bryan’s initials inside of a heart. It’s absolutely beautiful.

I also received another amazing quilt called “The Giving Tree” recently.


My cousin Darlene is a gifted quilt maker, my sister-in-law Janet is a gifted seamstress with great ideas, my sister Judy has impeccable taste for color and my brother Jim helped Janet trim the quilt. The four of them thoughtfully and lovingly designed the quilt for me based on some of the stories from this blog. They had many ideas floating around but when Janet saw a tree with leaves on it while looking at Pinterest an idea grew and this awesome quilt emerged.

Each of the 65 leaves on the tree represents a member of our family, including Baby Ufnal.  A few other leaves represent aunts, uncles, cousins and special friends. At the base of the tree it says, “Live Simple, Love Like Crazy!” but I think the heart on the tree with Mark and my initials is my favorite part because it matches our tree.

It’s truly amazing what four people can do when they meet for breakfast and put their hearts and souls into a project.


I am not really sure how to appropriately thank these precious quilt makers, but I will guarantee that we will use their gifts with lots of comfort and love.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful Pieces of Art

  1. How beautiful and yes, how imaginative. I am in awe of their work. Every one does this to show the love they have for your and your family. I bet your whole family was looking lovingly. I think this is a ancestry marvel since it captures the whole family. So gorgeous, both quilts.

  2. Rosemary you surely have a wonderful and gifted family, along with talented friends. The efforts that your family/friends are going to on your behalf are truly a Blessing for you and Mark. I know that you feel the love in each piece that went into both of these BEAUTIFUL quilts. You are a special lady and we’re all lucky and Blessed to be able to call you a friend. Again I have said this many times you are one of the most graceful and loving women that I know. I pray for you daily…….I love your posts. Inspirational……

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