The Anointing of the Sick


On Saturday night Mark and I went to mass at Prince of Peace for the anointing of the sick. In the past this is the mass that has always made me cry. During mass the people that are sick stand at their seats and wait for Father to anoint them with a special oil. The meaning of this anointing is powerful but gets to me every time because people stand before the congregation and profess to the whole church community that they are sick. The sickness may be mental or physical.

This time was emotionally worse than ever. As soon as Father mentioned it in mass I checked my emotions hoping that the little blue pill I take for emotionality is working extra well. I thought to myself, ‘I can do this without crying.’  But nope. I was worse than ever. I cried even before the anointing. It’s a good thing we had extra Kleenexes. I was fine during the anointing but couldn’t hold back afterwards. Mark and I had to leave church because I couldn’t get it together. We sat in the library for a while hoping to return to mass but I just couldn’t do it so we left.


But my sadness didn’t last long because of two surprise visitors. My friends and former classmates Darrell White and Leon Manning came to visit Mark and I after church which brightened our night. Darrell lives in Muskegon and Leon was home for a few days to attend the funeral of his older brother.

Listening to Leon joke and reminisce about our high school days filled our evening with so much fun and laughter. Our night ended up being a great one thanks to old friends.

6 thoughts on “The Anointing of the Sick

  1. Yes, God works in mysterious ways. We just need to listen, watch, and trust. Glad you were visited by two guests that he undoubtedly sent your way just when you needed them. Jill V.

  2. Isn’t it beautiful what friends of our past can do for the soul Rosemary? God sends these people to us when we least expect it, as a gentle reminder of times we were whole, at peace and carefree. To drive us further then our own expectations. I have always looked at this as Gods gift and reminder of how strong we really are. I think of you, Mark and your children often. The journey you face each day, and the love that surrounds you. Thank you for being brave and sharing your journey Rosemary. Your right, love like crazy, is the only way to truly live!

    Prayers always

    Dollie Cain

  3. I absolutely love you because you are so open, honest, compassionate and kind. But more importantly because your a beautiful person in the inside. Your words that you offers daily give me so much! I cannot thank u enough! Hugs and love!

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