Bryan’s Broken Arm

Scan 131

On a beautiful Friday evening at least 12 years ago the Saliszs were having a beach party on Lake Michigan. Bryan rode home with Sheila Salisz after school so Mark and I met him at the party. As we were walking through the trail to the beach we met up with some of Bryan’s friends and then Joe Salisz who was holding Bryan up as they walked. Joe told us that the boys were playing football on the beach and Bryan fell and broke his arm.

We arrived in the emergency room and got right in. Sure enough, Bryan’s arm was broken. While the doctors were casting his arm I called home to tell Chad, Kelly and Corey that we were at the emergency room with Bryan because he had broken his arm. I wasn’t quite ready for the unsympathetic response I received from our kids.

In unison Corey and Kelly said, “It serves him right. Do you know how much Bryan embarrassed us at school today?” I had no idea what they were talking about. They told me that during an all-school assembly, which included grades six through 12, Bryan and one of his best sixth grade friends, Jake Paquin, ran into the middle of the gym in front of the whole school and started dancing to some music that was being played by the United States Navy Band. Kelly and Corey were mortified that Bryan would choose to randomly run out in front of the whole school and embarrass them in front of their friends. I think they were ready to disown their baby brother.

I’m not sure Kelly and Corey have forgiven Bryan for that stunt he pulled but he wasn’t scathed by it because after he got his cast on at the hospital all he wanted to do was go back to the party.


So we did.

1 thought on “Bryan’s Broken Arm

  1. Go Bryan, too bad I wasn’t there. It really would have grossed them out. Are you sure Randall wasn’t there? Ha, ha!

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