Beautiful Music


Last summer while sitting on a bench in the woods with my very young but wise friend Katherine and her mom Sheila, I asked Katherine how she deals with difficulties in her life. At that moment Katherine said, “By giving to others.”

Yesterday I received an e-mail from Katherine with an update on her answer.

I think about your question you asked me on the bench all the time. I think I’ve finally found my answer. MUSIC. Whenever I am in a mood where I feel like I need to deal with something, I listen to music. Music is my way to escape reality.

I loved Katherine’s answer because music helps me escape reality, too. The minute we walk into our home we turn on music. I play music in every room and especially the bathroom because showers can be so exhausting for me now. With music playing while showering it helps me forget about my difficulties and weaknesses.


While visiting Corey in San Francisco a couple weeks ago he and Bevan gifted us with beautiful music. We heard great musicians and vocalists while attending the church service at Glide. That same afternoon we attended an amazingly entertaining and funny performance of Steve Silver’s Beach Blanket Babylon. And Corey knows how much I love musicals, so he treated Mark and I to tickets to see Beautiful: The Carole King Musical. King’s music brought Mark and I back to our youth and taught us that Carole King wrote so many amazing songs for other artists.

I absolutely love musical productions, so lucky for me I will still be able to attend shows even after I am no longer able to walk or talk. And I will still be able to listen and enjoy my music without saying a word and my world will still be good.

“Ah, music,” he said, wiping his eyes. “A magic far beyond all we do here!”

Albus Dumbledore

3 thoughts on “Beautiful Music

  1. I agree Rosemary’. Music is able to transport us to places we may no longer be able to travel to physically. And as you and Mark experienced it can transport us in time to our favorite moments from the past. It is also a companion when we think we are alone and can fill a soul with joy. Thank you dear friend for reminding us all through your gift of the written word how music is a constant source of joy and a constant companion when we may have no other.

  2. Oh Roemary, how wonderful! I just love keeping in touch with you and the rest of your family. You are so loved. God is with all of you. Please never forget that. Love you Don & Ellie

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