My To-Do List


I have been feeling a little overwhelmed lately because I am getting weaker and I feel like I am running out of time. I’m not saying I’m going to die soon but my fingers are curling more which makes it difficult to type and my speech is slowing down and I’m afraid I won’t be able to talk and my to-do list is still pretty long. I spoke with Mark about this anxiety I am feeling and he was brutally honest with me. He said, “Rosemary, right now you are living your life for your to-do list.” He’s right. I am living my life to complete my list because that’s what I’ve always done.

To be clear, my to-do list has nothing to do with things that are on my bucket list because I am very satisfied with the things I have done in my life. My list is about leaving a lasting memory for the people I love after I am gone, such as a personal letter or a framed picture.

I’m not sure why I feel so compelled to leave a lasting memory for those I love so deeply but I think I need to stop worrying about it. I was awake last night thinking about how I could whittle my list down and I think I have found my answer thanks to my oldest nephew Patrick Grimm. Patrick texted me a message this week that said, “My New Year’s resolution will be to communicate better with the people I love. I started early by talking with my brother and parents yesterday and texting my sister and you today. We think of you often and love you very much. Stay strong.” Pat’s idea is so simple and easy to do and I was making it more difficult than it should be.

Instead of writing a letter to everyone I love deeply, which is a lot of people, I need to just continue to tell them in person how I feel about them today and not wait until I’m gone. Most of all I need to enjoy every moment I get to spend with those people instead of worrying about leaving a silly letter or picture.



I love your New Year’s resolution and I think I will adopt it, too. And by the way, I love you, Annette, Maya, Jacob and Addison very much. I can’t wait to see you all during Christmastime. Thank you for your precious text.


Aunt Rosemary

12 thoughts on “My To-Do List

  1. You silly girl. Anyone who knows you, has been touched and is a better person for the times they have shared with you. Letters and photos are nice, but don’t last forever. The way you have touched our hearts will last forever…..Hugs, Amy

  2. Maybe you will be able to sleep better now honey! We know you love us because you have shown it in soooooooooooooo many ways. Take a deep breath and enjoy the peace of not worrying about tasks left undone. Hugs and love……….. Jill

  3. Rosemary, your blog is a great reminder for each of us, to treasure each day. None of us can predict if we will live to see tomorrow. Thanks for sharing your inmost feelings, ideas, joys, frustrations, memories!!
    Our family is keeping you in our thoughts, prayers, memories. You have given so much with your delightful photographs; thank you for sharing this talent with US!! We treasure YOU!!

  4. Rosemary, I happen to come across your blog, just within the last four days or so. I wasn’t aware of it until then. I am Aunt Patti’s and Uncle Luz’ neice, Ramona’s (Mona’s) daughter. I have met you before, a few times. I believe one of the time’s was when my Uncle Luz had surgery on his prostate. I believe I also met an Aunt of Mark’s and Aunt Patti’s then too. If I recall correctly, but I may be mistaken, I believe you also came to visit my mom while she was in the hospital in Ann Arbor and also the funeral home. I just want you to know that you and Mark and your family have been in my thoughts and prayers as you will continue to be. I also want to say that I thought and do think that you are one unbelievably strong and courageous Godly woman. I admire your strength and I do believe it all has to do with “your faith and love of and from your family.” Again, I want say, you and your family will continue to be in my prayers. .

  5. Should I tell everyone what your ( or should I say Brian’s) response was last week when I texted you to say hi (and that I was thinking about you)………? LMAO!! It was actually very funny… And totally caught me off guard. Haha ;)
    Love you! Teresa ;)

  6. Rosemary… This post actually made me smile.. because I remember our days at Trans together and how we would think of new ways to attract business…you would always say after we racked our brains for ideas and struggled to make something work, is this: “we must remember to keep it simple “stupid”… Do you remember that? And that way always ended up being the best way. You have touched everyone that knows you. You have given inspiration to strangers and to all of us that have been fortunate to have you in our lives. Not just now that you are ill but before that. You have such a gentle way about you – you have always made people feel like they were the most important person in your life when you talked to them – That is what I love about you and I so enjoy that about you. I try every day to be in the NOW and give of myself that same way you do.. That will forever be apart of me and I’m sure others feel the same… So as someone very wise, full of love and such a gentle soul said to me once: Keep it simple “stupid” and I say that to you with so much love and gratitude of knowing and working with such a great person as you. Love you Rosemary !

  7. Rosemary,

    I’m not family, a relative, or even a close friend, but I have always admired you. I read your blogs whenever you post something. I think you already have your pictures and letters in each blog you have written and continue to write. I admire your strength, and your faith to except the path your on. I read what you have to say about your struggles and think….mine are so small… You give strength to others. You make me smile! Always in my prayers, Char T

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