Shaving My Legs

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Some days Mark and I laugh a Iot. This morning Mark offered to shave my legs for me so he brought a chair into the bathroom. I sat down on the chair and put my leg out straight with my foot resting on top of a drawer knob. Mark laid on the floor under my leg to get a better angle for shaving the back of it and said, “I feel like I’m changing the oil in the car.”

10 thoughts on “Shaving My Legs

  1. Jo shaved my legs for me when I was pregnant. I remember telling him he could go faster, he was so afraid he was going to cut me. It was sweet and o is Mark!

  2. Never ceases to amaze me what our guys will do for us. I remember when I had carpal tunnel surgery and Gordy had to curl my hair for me. Of course I had him practice with a cold curling iron first before he came at me with a hot one. He got pretty good at it actually. Keep that forest from getting to tall on those gorgeous legs. Maybe he can start practicing pedicures next? xxoo

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