35 Years Together

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On Sunday, November 24th, Mark and I will be married for 35 years. We were married at St. Jean’s Catholic Church in Muskegon, Michigan on a cold Friday night in 1978 and almost 600 people attended.

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We celebrated our beautiful day with our wonderful parents by our side. Mark’s dad couldn’t believe we chose deer hunting season to get married, but he happily attended and so did his hunting buddies.

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We were both very lucky to have our grandparents attend. Grandma Beckman was the only living grandparent on my side then, but Mark was lucky to have all four of his grandparents there to see us get married.

Scan 47

I had eight sisters and some of my friends as my beautiful bridesmaids and my three sweet little nieces (Anne, Allison and Melissa) were my flower girls.

Scan 49

Mark had ten brothers-in-law and friends as groomsmen and ushers and my adorable nephew Patrick was the ring bearer.

Scan 53

The ceremony included a lot of beautiful music including soloists and a trumpet player.

Our reception was held at Carpenter Hall. Since the families were all together, the reception was a great opportunity to get some shots of the whole bunch.

Scan 54

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Even though Mark and I didn’t know each other very well when we got married, we both felt that we had really lucked out to have found each other.

Scan 46

Years later we still feel we  couldn’t have picked a better partner to spend most of our lives with.

11 thoughts on “35 Years Together

  1. Rosemary and Mark, 35 years and we still see the same magic between the two of you!
    Love you both, Eric and Jill Sesselmann!!!

  2. Rosemary, how young, and beautiful you two are in these pictures! Jim and I met so late in life, that 35 years would be a true blessing! Enjoy all of the life you two have together! You both are forever in our thoughts and prayers as you go through this journey!

  3. What a great LOVE story!.. I .
    think back and how many of us in our time “really” knew our partners that we are with now..

  4. Congratulations you two! We’re approaching 32 years, and still in love.

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless Phone

  5. GOD knows he let you pick each other but I am sure he doesn’t want any credit for being the fashion police at this wedding

  6. Happy 35th! And yes you both did pick the right people! Hope you have a wonderful day as you both deserve it! Love, Michelle and Roger

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