An Amazing New Year’s Day Breakfast

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On New Year’s Eve last year we spent the night with the Salisz family playing games, walking, singing and twirling in the woods. The night was really fun but the next morning was amazing.

All twelve of us sat down as a family at the Salisz’s huge handmade table and shared a delicious breakfast. The food was great and the conversation was perfect. The twelve of us, ranging in age from 18 to 57 with very different opinions, talked about religion, politics, old times, our upcoming events and New Year’s resolutions. The reason why this conversation was so amazing is because we were all allowed to voice our opinion without someone getting upset because they didn’t agree. Everyone at the table that morning learned something new about the opposite view and respected it even if they disagreed.

I shared one of my New Year’s resolutions (“Stop trying to change people.”) with everyone at the table and I remember crying while saying it. This resolution has plagued me most of my life because I want everyone to see the good that happens all around them every day instead of finding the negative or always finding fault with others. I want the people I love to make their lives simple and less cluttered because it brings so much clarity and freedom and it feels so good. I would love it if we could all eliminate greed, envy and old grudges from our lives. And yes, I am a bit of a control freak, but life could be so much better for everyone if people would look at the positive instead of the negative.


A few months ago I received a Facebook message from our friend Tré , one of the twelve at the table that morning, reminding me of one of my resolutions.

Tré wrote:

“I’m loving me some of your blog and writing! Your New Years resolution…Don’t try to change people….and the conversation that followed continues to stick with me! Thank you for eternity for that!”

One of the things that I have finally realized this year, maybe because I have slowed down so much, is that I could never change people, the change in people has to come from within.

Being around the Salisz’s table on New Year’s Day was a great start to my year. I was so proud and honored to start my year with everyone at that table and so happy our adult children wanted to be around us for New Year’s.

1 thought on “An Amazing New Year’s Day Breakfast

  1. What great words and a wonderful way to live! Wouldn’t everything be so much more peaceful! Thank you Rosemary!

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