A Magical Thanksgiving


I loved waking up on Thanksgiving morning knowing our whole family, including our grandsons, were all in Muskegon together. Holidays have always been special to me but this one is extra meaningful. The love of a family is priceless and no words can properly describe this type of love.


All morning I sat back and watched Mark and Kelly work efficiently in our kitchen to prepare our Thanksgiving meal in an attempt to try and make things seem normal. Mark and Kelly have bonded beyond belief during the past ten months. We’ve all gotten closer, which makes me so proud of my family.


In the evening our huge extended family and a few friends joined us for dessert, which is a speciality in our family. After dessert our kids gathered everyone into our living room and Bryan gave a champagne toast for our 35th wedding anniversary and then the big surprise was announced.


Our friends Cindy and Paul Whiteman gave Mark and I a beautiful anniversary present. They gifted us with 35 yellow Chinese lanterns and asked everyone to gather outside to send these beautiful yellow lights up over the lake and into the sky. The night was cold and crisp but about 50 people braved the snowy weather outside to help send 35 beautiful anniversary wishes into the night. Mark and I had a spectacular view from our balcony.


As these beautiful lanterns drifted gently into the sky I couldn’t help but think about how fast our 35 years have drifted by us. If only it would have slowed down a little we would have more time to love, cuddle, kiss and laugh.


Thanksgiving has always been extra special to Mark and I because of our anniversary being so close, but this year was so full of love from every person that attended. It was a magical day.


10 thoughts on “A Magical Thanksgiving

  1. Family and friends are a true blessing; a gift from the heart!
    Thanks for sharing your deepest thoughts & feelings! Happy 35th Anniversary!
    Our family is praying for you all-!!

  2. There’s no better way to spend Thanksgiving then to be surrounded by family and friends. And how beautiful were the Chinese Lanterns for your anniversary! It all really was “magical”.

  3. WOW! that is about as powerful as a word I can say. Rosemary, you and Mark are so loved by all. WE are so proud of the two of you! You have accomplished so much in your lives and have shown so much to the rest of us. Know that your in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. We love you so much. Love Don & Ellie

  4. Seriously weeping out loud at the beauty in sentiment of your wonderful holiday story. Your words in describing it so powerful, strong and well written. I am so happy that you had an absolutely fabulous holiday with your family and your friends. Hugs girlie you deserve all the goodness the world has to offer……….love you:)

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