Muskegon Catholic Central’s Spring Musicals

Wizard of Oz

I have to confess that it was my love for musicals that swayed us toward sending our kids to Muskegon Catholic Central and the Catholic education was a bonus.

Once a year when they were young I tried to expose our kids to a musical production because of my love for musical theater. The first musical we attended was “The Wizard of Oz” at Muskegon Catholic Central High School in 1989. My sister Judy, whose kids attended MCC, invited us to the play and I brought Chad (nine), Kelly (six) and Corey (four), while Mark and Bryan stayed home.

Wizard of Oz2

Even though we sat in the very back row, the production was amazing. During intermission we went into the lobby and my sister introduced me to Judy Gould whose daughter played Glinda in the play. I was energized by the excitement and the family atmosphere during intermission. It seemed as though everyone knew everyone and they were all rooting for each other’s kids to do well, not just their own.

After the play I drove home and told Mark that we should send our kids to Muskegon Catholic Central because of the wonderful warm feeling I had during the night. For financial reasons we decided not to send our kids that year.

Music Man

The next year we went back to MCC to watch “The Music Man” and I came home with the same warm feelings that I had the year before and once again told Mark that we should send our kids to Muskegon Catholic. Our finances were better, so we made the switch the following fall.

Because of my love for musical productions, I coaxed Kelly, Corey and Bryan into trying out for MCC musical productions. I couldn’t talk Chad into performing because play practice was during basketball season and Chad loved basketball and we loved  watching Chad perform on the basketball court with his teammates.

Corey Oklahoma 2

Corey Oklahoma

Corey was my first favorite child to perform in a musical. In 1999 Corey was in “Oklahoma” which I absolutely loved. We still listen to the wonderful music from that play.

Kelly State Fair

Kelly performed in “State Fair” in 2000. I remember Kelly practicing for tryouts with Gracie Wenk in our basement. She was so nervous that she almost threw up on the way to the audition. Kelly was way out of her comfort zone this time and was surprised to hear she made the play. Kelly was my favorite that year.

Bryan Anything Goes

Bryan performed in Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes” in 2004 which was another wonderful MCC production. Bryan was my favorite that year.

I loved that all of our kids ventured way out of their comfort zones to try out for the plays. Even though I would have loved to be a performer I’m not sure I would have dared.

The spring musical for 2014 is “Grease,” another favorite of mine.

4 thoughts on “Muskegon Catholic Central’s Spring Musicals

  1. While I was a student at MCC in the 70’s, I loved to work backstage on hair and makeup! Little did I know, that many years later I would be privileged, to be backstage once again, preparing my beautiful daughters for their performances! I, so, remember, Brian in role!!

  2. Rosemary.. my first exposure to a stage production was at Muskegon HS with ” Man of LaMancha” I can still sing the songs to that musical..Then unknown to her dad and I, our daughter tried out and succeeded for a part in her senior year Seussical the Musical. We were so proud.. and I can smile everytime I hear the music to that as well.. Ouir kids are so smart…

  3. I knew my future husband but actually got to know him during the ’77 production of “The Sound of Music” at MCC. I received my first flowers from him on opening night of that show! 36 years later I still love musicals and my husband of 32 years. MCC musicals change lives! The added bonus of you loving musicals is that our family had the blessing of meeting your family because of MCC! All of the Lamberts are our favorites every year! Off to Floodlight Fever tonight to see my excited students perform! We are blessed! Love you! Sheila

  4. Here’s a coincidence my wife Mary was in MCC’s Oklahoma also. I am forbidden to tell you the year; although it was in the early 70’s.

    The spring musical is a great tradition and an opportunity for the students to experience one of the many activities available in high school. Hopefully students try as many activities as they can. Dave Ellis

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