Happy Birthday, Chad

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Chad Michael, our firstborn, came into this world 34 years ago today. On the day he was born Mark and I rushed from our home in the Beverley Hills Apartments complex to Hackley Hospital in downtown Muskegon at 5:00am. It was so early in the morning that there were barely any cars on the road so Mark felt the need to run red lights. I asked Mark why he was running red lights and he said, “Because I can.” Shortly after we made it safely to the hospital and Chad was born early that afternoon.



Today we celebrate you with pride. Always keep your kind heart.

We love you like crazy.

Mom and Dad

1 thought on “Happy Birthday, Chad

  1. Rosie,
    It’s hard to believe that we have children this age. Happy Birthday to Chad from all the Ryan’s!
    You and Mark should be proud to the fine young man he’s become. Not shocking, given his wonderful parents!
    Happy Christmas!!
    Love, denise

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