Tender Moments


One afternoon last week I decided I needed to take a nap, so Mark walked me into our bedroom and sat me down on the edge of our bed, picked up my legs and gently laid me down on my pillow. Kelly and Corey followed us to help Mark tuck me in and then stayed for awhile and quietly talked and laughed as I rested all warm and cozy under the covers. I felt so loved and so satisfied in that moment that all I could do was smile.

I hope Heaven feels just like that.

3 thoughts on “Tender Moments

  1. Thanks for sharing again. I’m sure heaven will be like that and so much more. The only thing we can take into eternity is the love we have shared on earth. Thank you so much for sharing so much love with so many people!!!

  2. You are so easy to love, it becomes effortless. Heaven will be even better if you can even imagine that. We will join you one day and you will greet us with that beautiful smile. Soak in the love every day to keep you warm and cozy. JV Love and Hugs xxoo

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