Sarah’s Bargain

Shortly after I published my Dear God blog post I received this beautiful letter from Sarah Groh Bishop, the older sister of one of Kelly’s best friends from high school, Kate Groh.

Dear Rosemary,

I would give every cent of money we have if it would make you well. Every last cent. (my bargaining with God.) And I’ve already cleared it with my husband, Adrian, if God accepts my bargain, it’s all yours. I know I don’t know you well – but I do know you. I have connected with you from our first email and from your every blog entry…and from knowing and loving your kids for years and years. You are one of those once in a lifetime kind of people. And damn this illness. I just love you.

And just so you know, I will pray for your husband and your kids and your grandkids until I am 100 years old.



I love you too, Sarah.

4 thoughts on “Sarah’s Bargain

  1. Not sure that there’s anyone on this Earth as loved as Rosemary…..and there’s a reason for that! Love you Rosemary. :) Teresa.

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