A Caregiver’s Tool Belt


I love Mark’s sense of humor but sometimes it catches me off guard. We especially have to be careful when we are walking and he says something funny because my legs go limp and I almost fall down. Or when I’m eating or drinking and something funny slips out I almost choke. We really have to be careful but sometimes he just can’t help himself and it flies out of his mouth anyway.

Last night he was helping me get ready for bed and every time he thought he was done getting me ready I would ask for a tissue, then Chapstick and then a drink of water. He finally said, “I need to invent a caregiver’s tool belt. I would make sure it always held tissues, Chapstick, water, pills, a brush, glass cleaner for hug smudges and a flask of alcohol for me.”

9 thoughts on “A Caregiver’s Tool Belt

  1. Dear Rosemary,
    What a blessing for strong beautiful men….especially those of us who have then in our lives…and their great sense(s) of humor.
    Think of you often and our continued prayers for you and Mark + family of course :)
    Btw Arnie says hello to your ‘caregiver’! Not sure if they’ve seen one another since their ‘scenic cruise’ got scheduled on the same day!

    God bless,
    Joanne Krause Schmiedeknecht

  2. Mark is definitely the BEST caregiver ever!!!!!! Thank goodness for humor….you both seem to have a wonderful sense of humor……Have an awesome day :) Hugs Vickie

  3. Lol I love Mark. He’s such a great man. He has def passed on his caregiver ways to Chad. I had my tonsils out yest. And Chad has really stepped up to the plate. He has set his alarm for every 4 hours to give me my pain med, he refills my glass with water and lots of ice, he has walked Danny without complaining. He has just let me be and rest. Even as we speak I can’t sleep so I asked him if I could leave the light on to do some school work and he said of course.so he’s sleeping right next to me as I work and write this, with the light shining. No complaining. I told him at one point yest that I could get my medicine myself, ( I think it’s making me irritable) and he said he knows I probably could but he wants to do it, that he wants to take care of me. Everyday I see parts of Chad that are a direct gift from Mark and I think oh how lucky I am. Maybe I should get Chad a Care givers tool belt. Of course knowing me I would get him a pink camo one just to be funny. But I bet he would wear it because it came from me.

    I love you guys and tell Mark thank you, give him a big hug and tell him that’s from Devin, a thank you for passing his gifts on to Chad…

    I hope you guys have a beautiful day
    Love devin

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