Harrison’s Birth


On the day Harrison was born we received a call at 5:00am from Chris telling us that he and Kelly were all settled into their hospital room awaiting the arrival of Baby Ufnal. Mark and I got ready right away and finally made it to the hospital at 10:30 and were greeted by an excited Uncle Bryan outside of Kelly’s room. Mark called and woke up Corey in San Francisco so he could be there, too.


We were also greeted by our friend and nurse Deb Mascarin who, after hearing that Kelly was in labor, came in to work on her day off specifically to see Chris and Kelly through this birth. Deb eloquently explained what the monitors hooked up to Kelly were doing and she told us that Kelly was doing great.

Soon Dr. McDonald, who we had heard so many wonderful things about from Kelly during her OB visits, came in to break Kelly’s water. Dr. McDonald had this beautiful and reassuring smile that let us know that everything was going to be alright. She thought the baby wouldn’t be here until the evening so Mark, Chad, Bryan and I left and waited for a call.

At 3:30pm we received a call from Kelly and Chris saying the baby’s heart rate was declining and that a Caesarean section may be necessary, so we quickly headed back to the hospital. Upon our arrival we were again greeted by Deb reassuring us that Kelly and the baby were in good hands and she proceeded to tell us what would be involved if Kelly had to have a C-section. Minutes later Dr. McDonald made the decision to go forward with the C-section so things started to move quickly.

Before we get too far into the birth let me back up a few months. Kelly asked me if I would like to be with her and Chris in the delivery room and I immediately said yes. I had never witnessed a birth except for the birth of my own children and during those times I didn’t have much of a view. So together Dr. McDonald and Deb tried to arrange things at the hospital so I would be comfortable during the delivery. They were treating me like I was their patient along with Kelly.

Now that Kelly was having a C-section I thought I wouldn’t be able to witness the birth of Baby Ufnal but somehow before I knew it I was getting suited up with my son-in-law Chris to witness the birth of my new grandchild. As they wheeled a teary-eye Kelly into the operating room all I could pray for was a healthy outcome for Kelly and the baby.

Mom and Chris Waiting

As I waited with Chris outside of the operating room I could  feel the immense love that he has for Kelly. He was scared but anxious to see Kelly and witness the birth of their first child. The medical team kept Chris and I updated as they prepped Kelly. Everyone on the team was genuinely concerned about Kelly but treated us like we were guests at the Ritz Carlton. Even Mark, Chad and Bryan, who were waiting outside of the operating room with Corey and Bevan dialed in via FaceTime, were treated like royalty.

Since Kelly was doing so well, some of the team members came and got Chris and I. Initially the intern offered to carry me into the operating room if I wasn’t able to walk but then decided to cover my chair and wheel me in. Chris and I sat next to Kelly’s head and held her hand while the anesthesiologist worked next to us. He was so sweet and kept reassuring us that Kelly and the baby were doing great. Kelly’s eyes were so green as she laid there with tears running down her face. My mind flashed back to her being our sweet little Kelly and how quickly the time has flown by and now my baby was having a baby and I couldn’t believe how lucky I was to be witnessing such a miracle. While all if this was taking place Deb was taking pictures.

Mom, Chris and Kelly OR #2

After a short time Dr. McDonald said, “I see an ear. Now I see a shoulder.” As we waited patiently to hear if it was a boy or a girl, the doctor asked Chris to announce the sex of the baby. Chris anxiously stood up and peered over the curtain as they were pulling the baby out of Kelly’s stomach and proudly announced, “It’s a boy!” Little Harrison started to cry immediately and all was right in our world. Chris had the honor of cutting the umbilical cord before they handed little Harrison off to Kelly.

While in the recovery room Kelly and Chris announced to all of our immediate family members in person and via FaceTime that they now had a beautiful and healthy little boy named Harrison Mark Ufnal.

Chris, Kelly and Harrison

Looking back on the day our precious little Harrison’s birth was so well orchestrated because of the love and care we received from Dr. McDonald, Deb Mascarin and their entire medical team. Kelly and I really wanted to share the birth of this child together and this family of medical professionals granted our wish.

Thank you.  We will never forget it.

Mom holding Harrison

19 thoughts on “Harrison’s Birth

  1. What a lucky boy to have such great parents so much like mark and rosemary who did such a great job as parents

  2. Thank you for sharing this wonderful moment and time in your lives. Isn’t it amazing the friends we have that end up having such important roles in our lives. Deb you share your gifts every day in labor/delivery Thank you for being a part of this special moment as only you know how.

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  3. I am so happy for your new addition Rosemary and the fact that you were there to witness Harrison’s birth. I too witnessed Dylan’s birth. There isn’t a feeling any better than witnessing your grandchild being born. On this subject I can totally relate. I’m excited that you got to be there for Kelly and her husband……..hugs and love girlie Congrats to you all :) Thank you for your post too and sharing with us……

  4. Rosemary, it was so great to read about and see your experience! I know how excited you were! Miss you all so much and can’t wait to meet Kelly, Chris & Harrison! Love to everyone!

  5. Awesome story Rosemary! What a special and unforgettable experience (for everyone involved). I’m so happy for you all during this precious event! love you! Teresa

  6. Forget the Olympics! This was the greatest “up close and personal” I’ve ever seen! I’m sure all the viewers of this site would share with me in that sentiment! Congratulations to Chris and Kelly and welcome to Harrison. He’s blessed to be born into such a loving family.

  7. What a beautiful story and such a handsome young man. My wish is that he grows up to know how lucky he is to be brought into a family with so much love to share. Congratulations to all. Good job Kelly :0)

  8. Rosemary,

    I just loved reading about your experience of being at the birth of your grandson.  What a blessed moment.  It brought tears to my eyes.  I am so glad the hospital staff made it so convenient for you to be there.  Congratulations to you and your family with the new addition to your family. 

    I also enjoy reading your blog and look forward to it every day.  You are such a wonderful person sharing your experiences and feelings with friends and family.  You are truly a very caring and beautiful person.

    Love you Rosemary

    Diana Holovka

  9. Brought tears of joy to my eyes. Janice McDonald is who assisted Dr. Terry Collette in delivering Randall our son. (Hopefully Harrison brings you as much joy and “excitement”Randall brings to this world– I must add it is not for faint of heart bur worth every catching of your breath!) She is also credited in assisting Dr. Guilbado in saving our Darci. We are all blessed by the wonderful professionals who keep our loved ones safe and valued. Thanks for bringing back memories and creating new ones with Harrison Mark Ufnal ~~ a new Blessing.

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