Happy Birthday, Mark


Dear Mark,

Last Friday was your birthday and I felt like it was mine. You do so much for me every day but I especially love that you dry me off first after our shower and then you wrap me in your warm dry towel and use my cold wet one to dry yourself off. That is only one of the many selfless acts of love you do for me every day.

We’ve now survived two of your birthdays knowing we are living with limited time together and I think we’ve made great use of our time and haven’t wasted a single moment. Yes, we’ve been sad together and have felt helpless sometimes but the hard times make us treasure the moments that are so good.

Mark, I know you are very private and would rather blend in with the crowd rather than be on stage but I can’t help but write about you because you amaze me every day with your kindness. I know I continue to push you past your comfort zone by sharing so much of you on this blog but this practice may be helpful someday.

Recently I discovered I fell in love with you a few years before I realized it. Do you remember the summer after I graduated from high school when Jill Moore and I ran into you and Al Jensen at the Rendezvous Bar and we went to Al’s house after we closed down the bar? We were in Al’s  backyard standing next to the pool and as we were talking you gently put your arm around me and walked me into the pool with my clothes and shoes on. I thought I was going to drown because I was wearing my big clunky shoes and they felt like heavy bricks and I immediately sunk to the bottom but you helped me up to the surface to get air. I couldn’t believe you were so bold to walk me into the pool but I loved the spontaneity of your decision to do something so crazy.

One of the reasons I fell in love with you was because of your quick wit and humor. After we were married for a while and our family grew we both lost some of our fun and carefree craziness because we didn’t want to screw anything up for our family. Today even though we have serious stuff to worry about I’m so glad your humor and your quick wit are back because it feels so good to  laugh with you.

We both are learning patience, something neither of us have been very good at. We have a long way to go with this disease and life together is going to become more difficult which will require more patience but together I know we can do it.

Celebrating your 59th birthday with a healthy new grandson makes for a extra special day.

Mark, thank you for writing, “I love you like crazy.” in almost every card you’ve given to me over the years.

Happy Birthday. I love you like crazy, too.


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12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Mark

  1. Happy Birthday Mark ;) Best Wishes !
    Rosemary thanks for sharing…
    I can remember running into you at that bar around that time…was it our Birthday?!!!!!!!????
    Bless you all… ;)

  2. What a marvelous realization and memories. So… That is the inspiration for the name of your blog. How special is that. Love it! A truly Happy Birthday for Mark in so many ways. Keep cherishing that special Love you share for one another. God Loves you too!!!

  3. Birthday wishes to Mark ! You both are truly a blessing to everyone , especially to those of us who have the honor & priviledge of reading your blog daily. Thank you for sharing. Love and prayers always!

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