Facing Our Fears


As my disease progresses I find it so important to keep family and friends close so they can remain comfortable seeing me. With some of my siblings, visits have been too infrequent and when we do get together it’s uncomfortable for them because I’ve changed so much.

A few weeks ago, one of these family visits included a lot of tears and superficial discussion because no one seemed to know what to say. A dinner with some of the same family members a week later was much more relaxed with candle light, great conversation and no tears.

We’ve decided to set up a weekly visit so we can all grow together with my disease.

3 thoughts on “Facing Our Fears

  1. At this time it is so important to draw strength and acceptance from each other. It is the bond that heals…….continue being that family team. Each day presents it’s challenges yet easier to face together. God’s blessings to all of you!!!

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