God’s Gifts Are Simple


Lately I’ve experienced this amazing revelation. My whole life I’ve been praying, looking for and wanting God to talk directly to me so I could see, feel and touch him. I always thought their was something wrong with the way I was praying because some of the time during my prayers my mind would wander. I always silently criticized myself for the way I prayed because God didn’t talk with me the way I wanted him to.

The other day I finally realized that God was and has always been talking and walking with me every step of my life. God is in the simple and free things in my everyday life. God is in a smile and an open ear. He’s in the kindness we notice and the sadness we feel. God is in the love we feel and in all of the beautiful things around us.

My revelation may sound elementary to most but it feels really good to me. Even though I’ve heard God is everywhere many times I don’t think I believed it until now. I don’t think I would have seen it so clearly without my suffering.

10 thoughts on “God’s Gifts Are Simple

  1. I am reminded of a close friend that has passed away several years ago. Her husband died, her thirteen year old son died and her dog died, all within a year. I asked her once if she still believed in God. She said that she had really just found Him.

  2. Rosemary, I know you are suffering. This is a terrible disease. How can one even begin to understand what you are feeling. I love you.

  3. Rosemary, God is not only speaking to you, he is speaking THROUGH YOU to all of us that have the privilege of reading your thoughts. You have made us see that sometimes the things in life that we take for granted should be more appreciated, and people we have in our lives should be more loved, and circumstances happen to us that we should recognize and be grateful for.

  4. You are such an honest and open person Rosemary. You surely Light Up My Life and reflect God. Thank you. I love praying with and for you. Your love and help with Darci is something I was astounded with. The teenage boys (!!!), family moments are all so precious and tender and we did this all with prayer. I am so fortunate to call you friend.

  5. Oh Rosemary, your insight and relationship with God is a testament to us all.
    You truly are an Ambassador for Christ. Even through the good the bad the ugly
    God is with you and using you. Your openness and honesty is real and God’s love is real.

  6. I appreciate your openness, Rosemary. I pray God will be very real to you today, and you will feel His arms of comfort and love surround you. Love you, Debbie R.

  7. God has always been in your heart. I have experienced your faith and kindness as our children grew. God has always taken care of your needs. Maybe thats why we don’t always recognize God in our lives.

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