Mark’s Birthday Present


We celebrated Mark’s birthday with our friends Paul, Cindy, Dick, Patti, Terry, Ellen, Jordan and Desirae last week and they gave Mark the perfect present, an actual caregiver’s tool belt.

The tool belt came with Kleenex, flushable wipes, facial wipes, blush and a brush, a hair brush, disposable toothbrushes, Tic Tacs, lip balm , Q-tips, a mirror, eye glass cleaner, hand sanitizer and black licorice schnapps which they called “caregiver elixir.”


Good friends always know exactly what we need.

4 thoughts on “Mark’s Birthday Present

  1. Wonderful, useful, humorous, generous, filled with love. Great friends who truly love and care for you both!!!

  2. Wow what a great idea!! Looks like my old friend Dick in your picture. His Mom and my Mom were the best of friends and I grew up with him!! Prayers to you and your family.

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