Samantha’s Rainbow


Last week I received a text message from my niece Anne Grimm Bartish with an adorable video attached starring her sweet daughter Samantha.

This was my response to Samantha’s message. I apologize if you have trouble understanding me.

After watching the video, Anne wrote me the following note:

Yes they will! I must warn you that Samantha is sweet on the outside but she is devious on the inside. She may not be the best role model. Jack just passed his multiplication tables- he can show you all his math tricks. Alex will show you that being a daredevil on bikes, skateboards and scooters is fun because if you get hurt, you get to go to Helen DeVos Children’s Hospital and they have awesome slushies. And we can’t forget the wrapper up the nose incident!



Uncle Mark and I would be honored to put your beautiful rainbow on our refrigerator.

We love you.

Aunt Rosemary

2 thoughts on “Samantha’s Rainbow

  1. Rosemary, thank you for sharing Samantha’s sweet little message asking you to please put her Rainbow on your refrigerator. Although your response was so sweet that I cannot put it into words. Watching you sing to lil baby Harrison is PRICELESS and beautiful. Prayers are offered on a daily basis for you and your family. Again, thanks for sharing. Sending you so much love and a HUGE hug girlie :)

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