Laundry with Cole and Peyton


Cole and Peyton are certainly keeping Mark and I laughing this week. Below is a funny conversation I overhead yesterday between Mark and the boys about laundry.

Mark: Hey, will you guys pick up your room and put your stuff away, please?

Within a few minutes a large pile of clothes appeared on the laundry room floor. There were three pairs of jeans, several shirts and t-shirts, two sweatshirts, five socks and only two pairs of boxer shorts.

Mark: You guys have only been here for two days, are you sure all of these clothes are dirty?

Peyton: Yeah, we smelled them. They’re dirty.

Mark: Then why are there only two pairs of underwear?

Peyton: We try not to change those too often.

5 thoughts on “Laundry with Cole and Peyton

  1. True confessions —– I threw too many things in the laundry as well when I was a kid. My Mom would say “hmmmmmm, I don’t remember you wearing that this week” (as you know back then, she only did laundry once a week on Mondays because it was such a chore).
    Rosemay – what fun to have your grandchildren with you for the week. They bring life, spark, enthusiasm, honesty, curiosity, and all those other things that come with being young. Enjoy them — love them —- hug them.
    I think of and pray for you all daily. Your posts are part of my daily devotions – helps me to know how to pray.
    Continue on through the tough times —- you have an awesome support team!

    Love and prayers, Shirleen

  2. That is hilarious. I remember when my own kids were young and I would tell them to pick up their rooms. They just tossed everything into the laundry – even the clothes that were still folded from the last time I did laundry and had folded their clothes and laid them on their beds to be put in their dressers. Gotta love ’em!

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