You Inspire Me


I’ve always gotten most of my inspiration from people and this past year I’ve been inspired by so many of you. Some days when I’m sad and ALS sucks I wake up to a beautiful email from someone encouraging me to keep fighting. Or I receive a card full of lovely words inspiring me to keep writing because this blog has made a difference in their life.

It amazes me how simple it can be to turn a sad day into a happy one with just a little bit of love and kindness.

Thank you for inspiring me.

6 thoughts on “You Inspire Me

  1. Rosemary, YOU are the INSPIRATION. Your eloquent writing skills, your brutal honesty, your sense of humor, all of which allows each of us, addicted to your blog, to humble ourselves and laugh and cry with you. You share so much of yourself and family that us “blogonites” feel like your family and that we are right next to you fighting the fight.
    Rest assured God is getting a tremendous amount of prayers lifting all of your family up to HIM.
    Keep going! All of the Lamberts are AMAZING! :)

  2. Hello Rosemary, I have been reading your posts for several months now, have shared some of your writings with my husband and my children and feel very blessed to have the opportunity to be a part of this journey with you even though it is simply through reading your writings. This is the first time I am actually responding though. I have wanted to respond many times, but something always held me back. I think your comments today about looking forward to hearing from others inspired me to let you know that I am often thinking about you. I am always happy to see that you have posted something which tells me that you are feeling well enough or strong enough to write! You have been blessed with a wonderful husband, loving children, and grandchildren, a belief in something bigger and stronger than yourself and scores of friends and support in your life, which I know you are well aware of. Just want you to know that there is someone else out here, rooting for you, and caring about you and your family. Mary Arnoldi Inglot RP Class of 1975.

  3. You are such an amazing lady! I’ve often heard “if you think you have problems, look at someone elses and you’ll scramble to get your own”. I think of you and what you have been handed and the grace and humor with which you handle it, you my dear lady are an inspiration to everyone. Your blog has touched so many people much more than you realize.

  4. Rosemary I love this blog because it makes me feel close to you. You inspire us all. You are such a graceful soul. It is Annunciation Day and I just had you on my mind the whole reading. You are full of grace and I appreciate you sharing with me and all of us.
    Off to grand kids and they are holding their own. So many coughs and eye stuff that I hope to fend off some of it. Childhood is such a bombardment of things. But love every second of it. I know you are enjoying that new baby and all your grandchildren. I love the updates from Kelly and Chad. It has just been so cozy sharing here with you. Wishing God’s Blessings and Love to You and Yours, Jeannie

  5. Rosemary you inspire me everyday with your words. You’re a gifted writer with the way that you share your thoughts and the true feeling behind each and every word is what gives me strength. You my dear INPSPIRE me!!!! I am coming home next week for good. I hope that I can stop by to see you. Take care and thanks for so much for this blog…….I look forward to reading it always. Much love and a huge hug girlie :)

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