I’m Limited


As it gets more difficult for me to type I have decided to write fewer of my stories and instead share more of yours (with your permission, of course). I think you’re going to love reading what others have written to me because their words are absolutely beautiful.

Thank you for making this past year amazing for me and my family with your words of love and encouragement. You’ve made this feel not like my journey but like our journey.

8 thoughts on “I’m Limited

  1. Thank you for your willingness to share this journey with us!! You have shared joy and frustration, humor and anger, tenderness and toughness, all qualities that most families experience!! Rosemary, you are a wonderful woman, wife, mother, grandmother, cousin, friend—and you are awesome, to share this blog!!
    We treasure your comments and honesty!! What a wonderful gift to share with family, friends, classmates, and cousins, and even strangers.
    May God be with your as you continue this journey…….our prayers and thoughts continue to be with all your family members…..

  2. Rosemary-There are students e very teacher remembers going WAY back and you are one of them. You were so genuine then and as the years have gone by you are still that same junior high personality with so much love in your heart. I think you were very blessed at birth to be the person you were and ARE. You are not only special in sharing your journey but you must have a wonderful family also. Someone like you doesn’t come along very often and I am so fortunate to be a bystander in your journey also. Through you I want to bea better person myself and congratulate you on your awesome life. Jackie Hansen

    1. Thank you for expressing your thoughts to Rosemary. It means a lot to hear these things from people that are so special to us. You too are a wonderful and generous person Jackie!

  3. Rosemary the thanks should be directed at you ….Thank you for sharing your life with all of us who follow your Blog. It has been a Soulful journey through your eyes. We are all Blessed to be a part of this journey of yours. Hugs an Love my dear :)

    1. Rosemary, I’m humbled by your strength and the out pouring of loving kindness that has accompanied your journaling. We collectively hold you and Mark and the family in our prayers. I am so thankful that you continue to remind all of us that life is a precious gift and that our faith in God and the relationships that we form during this journey on earth is ultimately what sustains us all.
      with love,

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