Cole’s Kindness


Last month while our grandsons were visiting we tried to get them involved in my care by letting them help me and they both tried their best to help in certain ways.

Cole, for instance, helped by feeding me apples and giving me my medicine.

Since I was confined to my chair, he tried to involve me in his card game by putting the game board on my lap and teaching me the rules. Even though the game board was too big and I didn’t understand how to play, he sat there and played with me anyway. After a while Peyton came along and played my cards for me.

Later I asked Cole if he would help me learn a speech app on the iPad. First he tried to tweak the voices to get one that matched mine but you had to pay extra so he decided not to do it. To help me use the app he would put my hand on the iPad but my hands didn’t work right so he tried to problem-solve by putting a blanket under my elbows. I still couldn’t keep my hands on the keyboard so we both just laughed. Sometimes he didn’t understand what I was saying and he would say, “I’m sorry, Grandma. I don’t understand. Could you please repeat?” And then we would laugh some more.

I should mention that Peyton was awesome too, he just had other things going on.

My goal for their visit was for those boys to grow with my illness and they seemed to adapt perfectly, just like they always do.


4 thoughts on “Cole’s Kindness

  1. Children are so innocent and pure! Such great life lessons for them and such soothing therapy for you. Unconditional Love…… A True Blessing! Happy Easter to you all. Xxoo

  2. Rosemary, Your family is such an example of Jesus’ Love. The boys have always been dear to us. But, with the ability to engage in real help and committed communication between individuals their involvement is so extraordinary. I am so proud to have known them since babies growing into fine young men.
    Rosemary your ability to capture moments is remarkable. As always your pictures define it too. You are such a wonderful friend. Thank You for Keeping This Blog Going.
    Wishing God’s Blessings and Love to You and Yours,

  3. This writing of yours is very special as are Cole and Peyton. It looks like “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree”. You and your entire family are amazing people. Much love and hugs :)

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