On a picture perfect weekend last summer Mark and I were invited to go sailing with some of our high school friends. On Saturday we sailed on Bob and Sally Schultz’s boat and on Sunday we sailed on Margo Johnson and Greg Vandenberg’s sailboat. Both sailing experiences were amazing but totally different.


On Saturday Mark and I met Bob and Sally and two more friends, Ed and Sandy Doctor, at Pointe Marine and headed out through the Muskegon Channel to the calm waters of Lake Michigan. The day was absolutely perfect as we ate, drank and reminisced with our friends. As we all sat back and relaxed while Bob sailed his boat so effortlessly, Sally made sure we had plenty to eat and drink. I loved this day.

The next day Mark, Bryan, Ashley and I traveled to the White Lake Yacht Club to go sailing with Margo and Greg. After we boarded the boat Greg asked if we’d ever been sailing and if we’d ever been seasick because the waves on Lake Michigan were six to ten feet high. Ashley said she gets sick sometimes but she was willing to give it a try, so we headed towards the White Lake Channel.

As we got closer to Lake Michigan I saw the big rollers and secretly hoped I didn’t get sick. As we entered the big lake the waves were really tall but I was hoping they may calm down past the mouth of the channel. As we sailed toward deeper waters the waves seemed to get bigger and I was getting a little nervous until I looked at Margo and Greg. They both had on smiles that looked so calming and confident that they put me at ease. Every time the boat felt like it was being swallowed by a wave l would look at them and I would relax. We sailed for a long time in the choppy waters and I felt as if I’d experienced the true art of sailing. Our sailing adventure was both exciting and frightening and I loved it.

As I look back on our weekend of sailing with friends and our completely different experiences on the same lake I can’t help but think that this mirrors our lives. We may wake to an ordinary day and things may be sailing along just fine and then we hear some bad or sad news and our lives change just like the waters of Lake Michigan. Hopefully the changes are made bearable with the help of the people we surround ourselves with.

5 thoughts on “Sailing

  1. What a perfect analogy of life. I’m happy that you had a wonderful weekend with friends. God bless.

  2. I loved that day too! Your comments are a eloquent reminder how a smile, calmness and confidence (all free by the way) can work magic. Thanks for sharing!

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