My Tobii


In the middle of the night as I watched the lighting storm outside my window I suddenly thought of my Tobii plugged into the wall next to the bed. I woke Mark up and asked him if he would unplug it because I was afraid a power surge would fry one of my lifelines.

I never thought I would consider the Tobii a lifeline because a month ago it seemed like I would never master this difficult machine, but I was wrong. I’m so glad I didn’t give up because this amazing machine gives me my voice back, and with it new hope. The more I use it the easier it gets and the more valuable it becomes to me. Right now I’m using the Tobii machine to type my blog posts, but soon I will be using it for all communication because my speech is getting worse. Typing with my eyes is a new challenge for me but I’m determined to master it.

15 thoughts on “My Tobii

  1. Thank you for the tremendous effort of posting information on how you are coping with this difficult disease. We still recognize our wonderful Rosemary!! Glad to hear you have mastered another “obstacle” in your life!! Keep on “keeping on!” We love you, Rosemary!!!! Love, Phyllis & Ted

  2. Life is full of wonder; and you, my dear friend, are the most beautiful example of how this wonder manifests itself. I love you so very much!

  3. This truly is amazing Rosemary. I love your communicating with me and of course us. But again I love you and me communicating.

  4. You. Are. Incredible….I love reading your insightful posts. Prayers and positive thoughts to you today.

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