Warm Hugs


One of the things I miss the most is being able to hug. The Tobii gives me the ability to speak and to write and I’m grateful for that, but I wish there was technology that allowed my lifeless arms to hug.

I’m glad my family is full of great huggers. I love to watch our kids and Mark hug. Their hugs always seem so full of love. Like warm blankets of love.

7 thoughts on “Warm Hugs

  1. Rosemary,
    Seriously, woman! This blog is one big, amazing HUG! It is the virtual hug of all virtual hugs!
    Your postings, the pictures, your loving example- all embrace each individual as we “check in on you daily!
    Thank you, thank you, dear friend!
    (I’m sending a spiritual hug to you right this minute!)
    love you,

  2. I still remember the first time I met you and Mark…you both had big smiles and the greatest hugs even though we were practically strangers. Even Brian has the “Lambert hug” for us when we see him…usually at Carmen’s :)

  3. The first time I met your son Brian his smile hit me first and then he followed with the most amazing hug ever. It’s funny because that memory always makes me smile and then I think of your smile and your hugs and the great circle of life. The great amazing simplicity’s of life❤️

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