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My Tobii


In the middle of the night as I watched the lighting storm outside my window I suddenly thought of my Tobii plugged into the wall next to the bed. I woke Mark up and asked him if he would unplug it because I was afraid a power surge would fry one of my lifelines.

I never thought I would consider the Tobii a lifeline because a month ago it seemed like I would never master this difficult machine, but I was wrong. I’m so glad I didn’t give up because this amazing machine gives me my voice back, and with it new hope. The more I use it the easier it gets and the more valuable it becomes to me. Right now I’m using the Tobii machine to type my blog posts, but soon I will be using it for all communication because my speech is getting worse. Typing with my eyes is a new challenge for me but I’m determined to master it.

Happy Father’s Day



Happy Father’s Day.

I loved your answer when I asked you what the best part of being a father was. You said that you have really loved all of the different parts of fatherhood. You loved to cuddle and rock our kids when they were babies and you loved to play with them as they got older. And today you love watching them handle life.

You’ve been a great teacher and role model for our kids throughout their lives, but I think your greatest teaching performance is right now with how you are handling our new situation. You are teaching all of us about love with your actions.

You said it’s comforting to be so close to our kids, especially right now, and I know they find comfort in that as well. I’m so glad that you are the father of our children.

I love you.


I Danced Anyway

IMG_4025 (1)

In May we attended Mark and Mollie’s beautiful wedding. After dinner and shortly after the dancing started my friend Colleen came up to me and said, “Whenever you want to dance let me know and I will wheel you out on the dance floor.” I politely told her no because I was feeling a little self-conscience about my current state and besides the dance floor was way too crowded for me and my wheelchair.

About half an hour later Colleen’s husband Chip came up to me and whispered into my ear, “Rosemary, I can see in your eyes that you are out on the dance floor dancing right now.” Then he gave me a note on a tiny piece of paper that said, “I love you for many reasons but right now I love you for your smile.” I guess Chip could see how lost I really felt and decided to take action in his gentle Chip way.

As I was thinking about Colleen’s dance offer and Chip’s precious note my friend Terri came up and asked me if I wanted to dance and I said “Yes.” Terri found room on the dance floor for me and I made no more excuses the rest of the night.

Sometimes I can be my biggest enemy by talking myself out of doing something because I may look silly doing it or it may be out of the ordinary. But I’m so glad that the people in my life see no boundaries for me.