My Wedding Ring


On Friday Mark and I drove to the jewelry store to have my wedding ring cut off because my fingers have been swelling so much that I was no longer able to remove it on my own.

But before we resorted to a professional for help Mark went to the Internet to see if he could do it himself. Before I knew it he had my left hand in a bowl of water and ice cubes until it turned numb. After my hand was numb he dried it and then proceeded to closely and tightly wrapping my ring finger with dental floss until all of the blood moved to the tip of my finger instead of pooling at my knuckle. I thought my finger was going to explode. The whole idea of the dental floss was to create a smooth surface for the ring to slide off easy but that didn’t happen because I had let my swelling go too far. So after some moaning from me he reluctantly unwrapped the dental floss from my throbbing purple finger and said, “We were so close.  In a few more minutes we would have had the ring off.”

Well, my ‘do it myself husband’ wasn’t about to give up yet. As he was walking toward the computer he mumbled, “I’ll find out what they say about cutting a ring off from a finger.” All I could think of was Mark using one of his big powerful electric saws and me not having a finger in the end so I quickly said, “How about we call a jeweler?” And thankfully he agreed.

Mark would never do anything to hurt me and I’m pretty confident he would have succeeded in getting the ring off but I wouldn’t have wanted to waste our day.

4 thoughts on “My Wedding Ring

  1. I had a ring that was stuck on my finger when I was younger, and my grandpa sawed it off. I was really nervous about it, but I still have all my fingers.

  2. Rosemary, can you have it made into a necklace.?.. I think you have a diamond necklace already, but hope you can in a way to wear it. I’ve seen a design that used the half circle of original band with stone, attached to another ring/circle that lays flat against your chest, and looks very pretty. Love, Julie

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