Say Cheese


I love taking pictures and have a huge photo library. This blog has given me a reason to share a lot of those pictures. I especially like taking pictures of people even though most of us don’t like to see ourselves in pictures. Maybe I was always behind the camera for that reason.

When Mark’s mom was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer we made sure we took a lot of pictures of her but thank goodness she had never been camera shy because we had some great pictures during happier times to remember her by.

I’ve always recognized the importance of having pictures at every age of our lives even though my subjects didn’t always agree and usually grumbled. But now that I’m writing this blog I’m so glad I have so many young and old pictures to choose from.

Please say cheese.

5 thoughts on “Say Cheese

  1. You have always taken the best pictures Rosemary. You have the ability to capture “the moments of life”. You know I was always ready to say “Cheese” even when all the kids acted as though we were putting them through torture. Ha, that was fun too ~putting them through torture! You know me.

  2. I love reading your blog. My mom died 5 years ago from ALS. Much of what I read from you brings back so many memories of her and what she went throuhg and our journey as a family. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and emotions as you battle with this terrible disease.

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