My New Wedding Ring

Ring Box

Minutes after Mike Anderson, one of Corey’s best friends, read my wedding ring blog post he was on the phone with his boss and the owner of Terryberry, Mike Byam. Terryberry specializes in employee appreciation products, gifts and awards. Mike Anderson asked Mike Byam if their company could fix my broken ring. Mike Byam said, “Absolutely!” Before we knew it Mike Anderson had my ring and was heading to Terryberry’s factory in Grand Rapids.

Only a few days went by and Mike Anderson called and said my ring was finished and he was heading over to our condo. Before Mike arrived I thought of how incredibly kind people are. When Mike presented my ring to me I couldn’t believe how shiny and new it looked. It was prettier than ever. My ring needed to be cleaned and the diamond was loose so they fixed the prongs. My broken ring was put perfectly back together and I was thrilled. The box the ring came in contained a delicate gold chain so I can wear it around my neck. Mike explained to us how intriguing it is to watch the talented and dedicated craftsmen while they work on delicate jewelry. He said they take so much pride in their artwork.

Thank you Mike Anderson, Mike Byam and the talented craftsmen at Terryberry. I’m so happy to have my wedding ring back and more beautiful than ever.

New Ring

11 thoughts on “My New Wedding Ring

  1. kindness begats kindness What goes around comes around. The unconditional kindness you have given all of your life is coming back to you!

  2. What a wonderful thing for someone to do for you. You are blessed to have so many wonderful people in your life.

  3. I never knew that such a service was available. How great to know. I need a re-size. I am no longer 110 pounds! I will have to get with you on details.

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