The Gift of Time


The first time I realized that time could be a gift is when, as a teenager, I asked my dad what I could give my grandma for Christmas. He said that she didn’t need anything but maybe I could give her a gift of time. Maybe you could offer to do something at her house that has become too hard for her to do herself, he said.

After I retired, Mark and I were talking one night and I was saying how much I missed my sisters because I had more time on my hands but they were all so busy. Mark suggested I give myself the gift of time so I invited my sisters to go to Chicago for a weekend. It was the first time that my older sister Judy and my youngest sister Mary ever spent a weekend together since we were young. Judy and Mary are 18 years apart so have never had the opportunity to spend a lot of time together.

Another gift of time I gave to myself was when I was going to Shelby to visit my Auntie Sis. Auntie Sis and I would spend a few hours together and then I would go visit my brother Jim who works in Shelby at Beckman Brothers and we would go to lunch. I loved the hours we spent together.


This year for my birthday I was given the gift of time by my friend Patti Winsemius. My friends Cindy, Ellen and Patti come to visit me on Wednesday nights while Mark goes out with friends. During the school year Patti hasn’t been able to join us because she teaches dance at Cassell. For my birthday gift Patti worked it out with her boss so that she could have Wednesdays off and join Cindy, Ellen and I.


I think the gift of time is one of the best gifts ever. Thank you, Patti.

4 thoughts on “The Gift of Time

  1. You have some very special friends, I know Patti quite well thru the dance studio and family and know what a wonderful person she is to so many people. You are very lucky to have this awesome person is your life. Enjoy your special time with friends!

  2. Your comment hit home tonight Rosemary. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in the things we have to do, or think we should be doing, we forget to just take time to enjoy what is around us. My sister is out visiting my mother and me, I have told my boss that I am taking time (unplanned) to spend with them. It feels good.

  3. So very true Rosemary! I love the gift of time. :) I have given it myself over the years. I have also been the recipient of the gift of time…always such a Blessing. Thank you for reminding me.

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