Sheila and Joe’s Cabin


Every time I visit Sheila and Joe’s cabin I feel like I’m going on a retreat with some of my best friends with whom we’ve raised our families together and laughed and cried together. So this past Memorial weekend I wanted one more time to retreat to the Salisz’s cabin to make a few more memories.


During the weekend Chip captured some great photos of a baby fawn lying in some tall grass near the cabin. We went hiking to the now abandoned beaver pond where our kid’s spent countless hours playing. We even dangled our feet in the cool water at the pond. With the weather being so beautiful we spent most of our time outside and sat by the campfire late into the night gazing up at the millions of stars in the sky.


Sheila, her sisters Colleen and Monica and our friends Jill and Colleen gave Mark a welcomed break by helping me all weekend. When I’m around this group of people I feel as if I have no limits or obstacles. Every one of these friends view the world as their playground. They all work very hard, they play hard and can be so silly at times.

One night we had just finished eating dinner while sitting around the campfire when Sheila brought out some warm freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. After I finished my cookie Sheila’s sister Colleen noticed I was trying to get some food out of my teeth so she asked me if she could help me. I told her that food gets caught in my gums and my tongue is no longer strong enough to retrieve it. Oftentimes Mark has to put his finger in my mouth to get the food.

Joe happened to be sitting next to me while I was talking to Colleen and offered to help. Before I could say another word he asked someone to go in the house to get a toothpick, the kind with the dental floss attached to it. While someone was going for the dental floss I started to explain to Joe but before I knew it Joe had my mouth open and he was flossing my teeth to rid my teeth of cookie. After he was finished he asked me if he got it and I said no and I said the cookie wasn’t stuck in my teeth but in my gum. Before I had a chance to call for Mark, Joe said he needed to call in an expert, our friend Eric, a dentist.

In my head I was thinking, “Oh boy.” Eric walked over to look into my mouth and summoned Mark to get my toothbrush and then he asked me what my problem was? I said I had cookie high in my gums. He immediately put his finger in my mouth and went digging for the cookie. Then I heard him say “It’s a good thing I washed my hands after handling the fish guts.” Mark showed up with my toothbrush and Eric brushed my teeth. After Eric was finished Joe, who is a Urolgist, said, “If you ever need a catheter, I’m your man.”

Thank you Sheila and Joe for always being so generous and giving us the gift of so many memories at your cabin. We love you both like crazy.

3 thoughts on “Sheila and Joe’s Cabin

  1. I don’t know your friends personally, but I feel like I do. So happy you have these wonderful, warm, and loving friends in your life.

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