Happy 30th Birthday Corey

Corey little boy


Today is your 30th birthday and because we know how much you love and appreciate the written word, your siblings and I thought we would write something about you today.

One of my favorite things about you is the ongoing heart to heart conversations we’ve had from when you were a cuddly little boy to the sentimental man you are today. I love how you have shared so much of your life and your friends with dad and I over the years.

During some of our incredible conversations we’ve set goals together. During some of those talks you taught me to dream larger than I ever thought possible. You believed in me and encouraged me to write. You have taught me by example with the way you’ve handled difficult situations in your own life.

I love when you still call and ask for advice about the major decisions you are making in your life.

Thank you for sharing so much with me. I’m so honored to be your mom.

I love you.




Happy 30th Birthday, Core!

My favorite memory of you is the fun night that you, Megan and I had during our senior Spring Break in New York. You had called us a couple of months before and asked if we wanted to go to the Billy Joel concert. We were both so excited! We got in that day in enough time to make it to your cute little apartment in Brooklyn Heights, get ready and go to the concert. We ran to Madison Square Garden, maybe stopping along the way for a shot or two. We got to our seats and they were perfect. We sang every song at the top of our lungs. It was pretty perfect. After the concert we tried to attend a birthday party for your roommate in the upper level of a bar. The bouncer wanted you to remove your hat and you did, for one second. They asked you to take it off again; you did, for one second. The second we got upstairs and hugged your roommate the next thing we know the bouncer was back shoving you down the stairs to throw you out for having your hat on again. I think we tried to get back in. It didn’t work. We laughed all the way back to your neighborhood where we entered the shady store that was below your building to get some snacks. We went in and there were a series of silly events and we ended up leaving empty handed because we were all laughing so hard at who knows what. I loved that super fun night with you! Looking forward to the next 30 years of laughs, tears, the occasional scuffle, hugs and all of the memories!

We love you so much.  

Chris, Kelly, Harrison and Tucker



Dear Corey,

My favorite memory with you is was when we were both in high school and we went to go play tennis at the Muskegon Catholic Central tennis courts one day. We get down there and it starts down-pouring rain. You wanted to play so bad that you said, “Screw it. Let’s just play.” We played tennis in the pouring rain for over an hour and had an absolute blast. Your passion for the things and the people you love is truly inspirational. You lead by example and inspire me to push myself to new limits.

I love you.





I remember Cole and Peyton coming home from their month in Michigan last summer and they were so sad when they got home. I asked them what was wrong and they said they didn’t want to leave Uncle Corey because they go so long without seeing him. The boys spent almost the entire month with you and you made a huge impression on them. They always look forward to seeing and spending their time with their Uncle Corey who loves them unconditionally.

Happy birthday, Core.


4 thoughts on “Happy 30th Birthday Corey

  1. As I first got to know Corey, what made the biggest impression was his boundless love for family. It stood out because, when meeting people, you sometimes learn more about the unhappiness they may carry from childhood or family.

    Corey just beams when talking about his parents and siblings. These days, he beams even brighter with three nephews to dote on.

    Seeing Corey’s incredible qualities, you realize how much this large, loving family provides his foundation. Rosemary’s beautiful post and all the face-time calls, texts and messages made his 30th feel really great.

    Much love to the Lambert Family and, especially, Rosemary, whose love, courage and faith inspires us every day.


  2. Awesome post. And happy 30th birthday to your beautiful son, who has clearly inhered the best traits possible from both his mom and dad.

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