Tears of a Friend


Kelly came over one morning crying because one of her best friend’s mothers has cancer. The doctors thought the cancer was isolated and possibly treatable but then they discovered cancer throughout her whole body.

As Kelly and I laid on our couch crying and remembering our dark days when we first heard the letters ALS, we were hurting for her friend and for his family. After composing ourselves enough to talk Kelly asked what she could do for her friend. She said I don’t know where to start to help him and I feel so helpless. Kelly said it seems as though she should have some good advice for him given the fact that we were just through our own heartbreak.

The reality of the devastating news of someone having cancer is gut-wrenching and can put even the most faithful in a deep, dark hole for a while or forever. The only advice I can think of right now is to love him and to listen to him if he feels like talking.

2 thoughts on “Tears of a Friend

  1. I beleive Rosemary that was the best advice to give her. Friends and family seem so lost at times like these, but you, of all people understand the complex issue of someone who is going through a catastrophic illness. You are a wise and sensitive woman. I love you.

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