Jim and Janet’s Gift


My brother Jim and his wife Janet asked Mark, Cole, Peyton and I to meet them at the Hackley Public Library one afternoon in late July. This library is one of the most beautiful pieces of architecture in Muskegon and one of Janet’s favorite places to visit.

photo (9)

Jim and Janet led us to the front of the library just inside and to left of the front door. They pointed to some tiles on the wall that looked like books and wheeled me closer to get a better look and one of the tiles read “Live Simple, Love Like Crazy” with my name underneath. Jim said, “Now you can say you’ve been published.” What he didn’t say is that he and Janet made a generous donation to the library in my name.

photo 1

Like Janet, our family loves this beautiful library and we’re honored to be part of it. After Mark and I sold our house on Stafford Drive in 1994, we moved our family into the 297 Clay apartments downtown, on the same block as the library, while our house on Robinhood was being built. We used to bring the kids to the library in the winter to check out books and look around. They all marveled at the glass floor in one of the sections.

photo 2 (2)

Thank you Jim and Janet for such a wonderful gift in such a special place. I love you like crazy.

6 thoughts on “Jim and Janet’s Gift

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  2. How precious and gorgeous. I have to go see it.
    Even though I read your blog regularly. I believe Cindy would like to see it too (the wonderful lady who made your quilt for us. She teaches at Hackley too.

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