The Bravelet


Earlier this week I received a beautiful bracelet from Chad and Devin with the inscription of ‘be brave’ on it. They also sent a bracelet to Devin’s mom with the same inscription because she is battling a liver disease. I wasn’t being very brave the day I received this pretty bracelet because I was too busy feeling sorry for myself. Mark and I had just spent a wonderful week with Corey and I was sad to see him leave. I’ve never been very good at saying goodbye and it seems to be getting harder each time.

That same day I received three heartwarming and encouraging emails from three different friends which all helped me see a true picture of life. They helped me see that my life is not just about me and my suffering, it’s about everyone dealing with some sort of suffering in life. No one escapes suffering.

I would like to share one of the emails I received that day. It’s from Mark’s sister Vicki and it really hit home.


Just wanted to share this with you. On Saturday a friend of mine called and she was having a rough day. She was feeling pretty blue and having a pity party. We spent quite a bit of time on the phone and then I suggested she read your blog. On Sunday I received a text from her “I’m choosing joy today – thanks to Rosemary”. Today I sent her a text and asked her how it went. She said the day went really well. She just kept reminding herself that she was choosing joy.

You 2 have never met, but you are instrumental in helping her get through a rough patch. Just thought you might want to know.



I really believe that we need each other to build us up because without all of you I would have died a long time ago.

2 thoughts on “The Bravelet

  1. Let me introduce myself, I am Kat short for Kathleen. I was told I have chronic Hep C, 1A and it is not curable. That was in 2000 while I was in the hospital for a blood clot. I was then put on disability and wondered what happened to my life. Years passed felt ok, but that Hep C was always looming over my mind like a personal shadow or a death companion as I felt. In 2009 they put me on Interferon and pega-interferon. I was suppose to be on it 48 wks, I only lasted four weeks and they could barely get me back to health. We tried one more time a few years later, after 4 days…that hope was taken. Since then I have had no treatment for the Hep C and it’s been running through me for 51 years. I have been in liver failure a couple times but Praise God I got pulled through it. I have gone to Mayo Clinic to get on the liver donor list for a new liver. It was a long week and our days went from 7 to 5 everyday. Tests, blood draws, dyes, meds, exams and more now that I am home. Now, what all this was leading up to is that I found it “God-like” that I would get on my computer, whip open facebook and run down the sites and here was your bracelet. What a blessing. I needed to hear “be brave” today. There is so much lying in front of me to do and walk through, it was overwhelming to me today. I really wanted to get into a online support group or meet some people who have the same problems. And low and behold here you are. I am not saying you are a support group or want to even be a pen pal with me. But if nothing else comes of this your posts blessed me. Thank you so much for writing it for us to see. I said “us” because I am sure there are other people who feel like myself.

  2. Back in 2009 I was struggling with deep depression because of several things that had happened simultaneously in my life. I was even to the point of considering suicide, which I didn’t do luckily. I called my best spiritual friend who lives in another country. He understands my spirituality and my struggles from the standpoint of faith. When I told him what had happened and how depressed I felt (I was crying on the phone), he said to me, “Liz, I am so, so happy for you.” I thought this a very strange reaction to my difficulties. But, then he said, “I am happy because you are right up on the cross with Jesus. Not everyone gets that opportunity. I am happy because you can offer your sufferings right along with His.” I had to contemplate that for a while, but, it rang true when I thought about it. From that point forward, I offered my sufferings to Jesus, who understands completely our earthly sufferings. God bless you, Rosemary. Liz

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