My good friend Kristi Fagan and her daughter Ashley stopped by for a visit and Kristi asked me what I miss the most about not being able to move most of my body. I thought about it for a minute and said I miss giving heartfelt hugs, waving hello and goodbye and being able to pick up Harrison.

But being able to cuddle my sleeping grandson makes up for it a little bit.

12 thoughts on “Cuddling

  1. i really miss giving you hugs Aunt Rosemary. i wished you can give them back to me. but you can’t Love you Aunt Rosemary

  2. Giving hugs, I totally agree. It seems like everyone hugs more now then ever before. I can just fell the love and care that some of my friends have for me in the hugs they give me. It feels so nice to receive that and it hurts so bad not to be able to return the hug.

  3. Through all of this you still manage to have that beautiful smile on your face. You truly are amazing. God Bless you always….Sheila Dault Gibson

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